Laser Beam Combiner

Laser Beam Combiner Set 20mm ZnSe for CO2 Laser Engraving Machine Light Path 500-700mm red light(visible line)10.6umlaser(lnvisilble Line)LaserTubeBeamCombiner SetCombiner the 500-700nm visible red line with the invisible 10.6um co2 laserline to be one line,then make the laser beamvisilble Size Installation Instructions The first stepis to install the red pointer andconnect tothe5Vpower supply The second step … Read more

Co2 Laser Si reflective Mirrors

Co2 Laser Si reflective Mirrors application Co2 Laser Cutting & Engraving Machine. The Is mirror uses a gold-plated film with a reflectivity higher than 96%,reducing power loss caused by reflectionThe silicon-plated mirror has good optical thermal properties and fast heat dissipation, suitable for high-power laser tubes. Laser Path Check Price Co2 Laser Si reflective Mirrors … Read more

How To Drill Through Tile

Tile punching in the home will often need things such as the installation of a towel hook, soap rack, coat rack and so on. But this thing looks easy to do is difficult, if you do not know common sense is easy to crack the tiles, once the tiles cracked, the tiles are equivalent to … Read more

Advantages of titanium plating on drill bits

What are the advantages of titanium plating on drill bits? Titanium-plated drill bits are more wear-resistant, have good processing effects, and have a long service life. In general, the life of titanium-plated drill bits is about 2 to 3 times that of ordinary drill bits. It is more suitable for medium carbon steel, stainless steel, … Read more

High-Speed Steel Drill Bits

what are hss drill bits used for High-speed steel drill grade (HSS) is a tool steel with high hardness, high wear resistance and high heat resistance.High-speed steel drill bits are suitable for non-ferrous metals, cast iron, cast steel, unquenched carbon structural steel, wood, etc.

BT30 Spindle

What is BT30 BT means taper shank (with manipulator clamping groove) for machining center machine tools manufactured by Japanese standard MAS403, the taper is 7:24, and the sizes are 60, 50, 40, 30 (BT60, BT50, BT40, BT30, BT The following 60, 50, 40, and 30 represent the diameter of the taper section of the shank). … Read more


TGW003-WIFI-WP is for Water floor heating . TGW003-WIFI Heating Thermostat is digitial WIFI touch screen thermostat with smart phone control. It can be controlled by phone.Phone systems(smart life and Tuya) are IOS and Andriod system optional.It can also be voice controlled by Google home and Alexa.It is applied to temperature control of industrial, commercial and domestic room, … Read more

ebaz4205 tutorial Board

Master chip ZYNQ7010 CLG400 Nand Flash 128M * DDR 256MB TF card interface Lead out 40 or so PL side IO ports ONE UART port on the PS side Two-channel photoelectric isolation IO port (PWM module can be added) drives 12V fan TWO LED lights controlled by GPIO at PS side Two PS side GPIO … Read more