BT30 Spindle

What is BT30 BT means taper shank (with manipulator clamping groove) for machining center machine tools manufactured by Japanese standard MAS403, the taper is 7:24, and the sizes are 60, 50, 40, 30 (BT60, BT50, BT40, BT30, BT The following 60, 50, 40, and 30 represent the diameter of the taper section of the shank). … Read more


TGW003-WIFI-WP is for Water floor heating . TGW003-WIFI Heating Thermostat is digitial WIFI touch screen thermostat with smart phone control. It can be controlled by phone.Phone systems(smart life and Tuya) are IOS and Andriod system optional.It can also be voice controlled by Google home and Alexa.It is applied to temperature control of industrial, commercial and domestic room, … Read more

ebaz4205 tutorial Board

Master chip ZYNQ7010 CLG400 Nand Flash 128M * DDR 256MB TF card interface Lead out 40 or so PL side IO ports ONE UART port on the PS side Two-channel photoelectric isolation IO port (PWM module can be added) drives 12V fan TWO LED lights controlled by GPIO at PS side Two PS side GPIO … Read more

4th axis rotary

4th axis rotary Nema23 1.8Nm stepper motor ratio (6:1) K12-100mm 4-Jaw Chuck+mt2 tailstock + DM542 driver + power supply

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Cnc Router Rotary Axis Tailstock

Rotary Axis Tailstock Check Price 4 axis pulse setting Mach3 system settings: 1 degree required pulse number (1 circle drive motor pulse number of fine fraction) 83019 perimeter For example, two phase motor, fine fraction 8, reduction ratio 20:1 1 set according to the angle 32000 / 360 (degrees) =88.88888888 (pulse number) 2 setting the length of the graph or … Read more

LG01-P Dragino LoRa Gateway Examle

Simple LoRa Wireless Example In order to test the LoRa wireless transceiver function, we need at least two devices that support LoRa. In this example, we will use the following devices:   LoRa server: LG01;  LoRa client: LoRa Shield + Arduino Uno In this example, we will demonstrate basic LoRa communication. The LoRa client broadcasts … Read more

LG01-P Dragino LoRa Gateway Configuring

LG01 Use and configuration The LG01 is configured by default as a WiFi AP. Users can access and configure the LG01 after connecting to its WiFi network.In the first boot of LG01, it will automatically generate an unsecured WiFiNetwork, called dragino2-xxxxxxUsers can use a laptop to connect to this WiFi network. This laptopThe brain will … Read more

LG01-P Dragino LoRa Gateway

Features: – Open Source OpenWrt system– Low power consumption– Firmware upgrade via Web– Software upgradable via network– Auto-Provisioning– Built-in web server– Managed by Web GUI, SSH via LAN or WiFi– Support WiFi AP, Client or Ad-Hoc(Mesh) mode– Internet connection via LAN, WiFi, 3G or 4G– Failsafe design provides robustly system– Arduino IDE compatible. Easy to … Read more


16DI/16RO 16 Road digital isolation input 16 Road relay output module data acquisition control Board RS485 Modbus This module is 16 road digital isolated input, 16 road relay isolated output module, through the isolated RS485 interface output. The module uses standard Modbus RTU communication, can be directly adapted to all kinds of host computer configuration … Read more