GRBL is an open-source software or firmware that enables motion control of CNC machines. We can easily install the GRBL firmware onto the Arduino, so we can immediately get a low-cost, high-performance CNC controller. GRBL uses G-code as input and output motion control via Arduino. Is GRBL software free? GRBL is a free open-source software … Read more

STARCAM nesting software V4.5

Starfire Nesting Software is a program used to create and edit CNC programs for flame and plasma-cutting machines. It is specifically designed to support nesting, which is the process of arranging parts on a material in an efficient way to minimize waste. The software is compatible with Windows 10 and can be used to control … Read more


FASTCAM is a software program that is used to program and control CNC (Computer Numerical Control) cutting machines, such as plasma cutters. It is specifically designed for use with nesting CNC cutting machines, which are capable of cutting multiple parts from a single sheet of material by arranging them in the most efficient layout possible. … Read more