NVEM CNC Controller Ethernet

The MACH3 Ethernet Breakout Board NVEM v2 CNC Controller is a device that allows you to connect your CNC machine to a computer using Ethernet communication. It is designed to work with the MACH3 software, which is a popular computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) program used to control CNC machines. The Ethernet interface on the breakout board … Read more

NVUM CNC Controller

NVUM V2 is a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) controller that can be used to control a machine tool such as a lathe or milling machine. It uses a USB port to communicate with a computer running Mach3 software, which is a popular CNC control software used for a wide range of applications. The NVUM V2 … Read more

DDCS-EXPERT CNC Offline Controller

DDCS-Expert CNC controller, it is very powerful self-design controller to make your CNC machine with strong creative feature

DDCSV2.1 Offline CNC Controller

The DDCSV2.1 Offline Motion Controller System is a digital control system designed for use with CNC (Computer Numeric Control) machine tools, such as CNC routers and milling machines. It is capable of controlling motion along three or four axes, and it has a maximum frequency of 500kHz. The DDCSV2.1 Offline Motion Controller System is equipped … Read more

DDCSV1.1 Offline CNC Controller

DDCS V1 cnc controller is the 4-axis linkage motion controller which is developed through 4 years of research and development; each position control cycle is 4 ms, with high control precision. The highest single output pulse is 500KHz, and the pulse width is adjustable. Support common stepper motor and servo motor.DDCSV1 CNC system uses ARM+FPGA … Read more