PM53C CNC control system for engraving machine Check Current Price Functions Three basic motion axes are available and binary input & output points and analog outputs can be further expanded. The above configuration varies with different choices of machine tool builders. It supports CNC rotary table (varying with different versions). Auto processing supports G code … Read more


XC809T multi-function lathe CNC system is a new generation CNC system developed by our company. It adopts 32-bit high-performance microprocessor, real-time multi-task control technology and hardware interpolation technology, fully linked, high-speed small line segment look-ahead algorithm. 0.001mm interpolation accuracy, maximum speed 30m/min. Check Current Price XC809T CNC System Hardware and Software Features: Based on 32-bit … Read more


AWC7813 is a general-purpose motion controller used in laser cutting laserengraving and other fields suitable for al kinds of small and medium power lasercutting and engraving equipment. AWC7813 motion controller works with LaserCADsoftware. Check Current Price Alternativemodel AWC708STL3120,and otherbrands of single-head laser control system Power Supply DC24V,3A Universal input Sixgeneral photoelectric isolation inputs Universal output … Read more


2-axis CNC Plasma Cutting control system,It can be used in CNC flame cutting machine equipment and CNC plasma cutting machine equipment, CNC flame plasma dual-purpose cutting machine equipment. Check Current Price F2100B is the numerical control system is the advantage of the company to absorb many CNC systems at home and abroad, combined with the … Read more

Kinco MT4434T

The MT4000 Series is a very powerful HMI product that will make your application soar. This HMI line comes with a 65536 color display mode that gives your touch screen rich color and incomparable resolution. With the application of a powerful 800 MHz 32- bit RISC processor, the MT4000 provides faster processing speeds. Each HMI … Read more

FangLing F1621

Torch Height Controller THC Fangling F1621 Automatic Arc And Cap Voltage For Plasma Cutting Machine Cutter This flame/plasma cutting machine Z-axis torch lifter is driven by DC gear motor to lift the torch up & down The most important part of the device, which is to keep the machine’s cutting accuracy and to support plasma … Read more


A18E/A18S DSP controller 1. This is the original brand : RichAuto2. DSP controller for cnc router,USB connect can be use without computer3. suitable for 4 axis 4. apply for 4 axis  cnc machine5. we have set up the English version before deliver Check Current Price RichAuto A18 DSP controller include A18E AND A18S two Version.For the Operation and its system, it is all same. It could set the … Read more


A12E/A12S DSP controller 1. This is the original brand: RichAuto2. DSP controller for CNC router can be used without the computer3. suitable for 3 axis4. A112E/A12S the same as 0503. The function has improved, use in the same way, A12E/A12S have replaced 0503 from 2015   5. we have set up the English version before deliver … Read more


XC609M CNC Control System is a latest multi-functional CNC system. It supports milling, boring, tapping, drilling and automatic feeding. It adopts 32-bit high-performance microprocessor, real-time multi-task control technology and hardware interpolation technology, fully linked, 0.001mm interpolation precision, speed 12m/min. Check Current Price Features Based on 32-bit microprocessor, full linkage, 0.001mm interpolation accuracy, and speed up to … Read more