BT30 Spindle

What is BT30

BT means taper shank (with manipulator clamping groove) for machining center machine tools manufactured by Japanese standard MAS403, the taper is 7:24, and the sizes are 60, 50, 40, 30 (BT60, BT50, BT40, BT30, BT The following 60, 50, 40, and 30 represent the diameter of the taper section of the shank).

BT30 spindle dimensions

BT30 spindle dimensions

The spindles BT60, BT50, BT40, and BT30 of the machining center mean that the standard tool holder is installed. These models are only tool handles of different sizes, but the BT60 is the largest one, and its size is larger than other models.

The electric spindle is a new technology that integrates the machine tool spindle and the spindle motor in the field of CNC machine tools in recent years. Together with the linear motor technology and high-speed tool technology, it will push high-speed machining into a new era. The electric spindle is a set of components, including the electric spindle itself and its accessories: electric spindle, high frequency frequency conversion device, oil mist lubricator, cooling device, built-in encoder, tool changer

Best ATC BT30 Spindle Motor for your CNC Router Milling

8000RPM Ceramic Bearing ATC BT30 Spindle

  • Maximum speed 8000 (rpm)
  • Max. Temperature <25graus Celsius
  • Dynamic equilibrium <0.4 (mg)
  • Maximum noise <78 (dB)
  • Vibration <0.003 (mm)
  • Outside diameter: 90 mm
  • 20 30CrMnTi
  • 7008+7006 bearing
  • Pull Claw 45°

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3KW BT30 Automatic Tool change Spindle

Model:Water cool spindle ATC
Current :7-11A
Clamp:BT30 (ER11 to ER32)
Rated Frequency:400HZ (The Highest frequency 800Hz)
Bearing:Ceramic ball bearing
Spindle Diameter:100mm
Matching inverter:Use V/F control
Grade:4 pole

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The spindle motor adopts Japanese technology and has a double waterproof design structure, which can effectively isolate cutting fluid and dust, and ensure the good state of the spindle head in actual work during production and processing. Note that (only some models have waterproof function)

In addition, the headstock is cast with high toughness cast iron. After manual and natural double aging treatment, it has the characteristics of wear resistance and not easy to deform.
Another advantage of this spindle motor is higher accuracy, better stability and smoother operation. Widely used in drilling, boring and other workplaces

ATC Water Cooled Spindle Motor

Spindle model:RTM100-30-24Z/3.0 380V
Rated speed:15000rpm
Maximum speed:24000rpm
Rated frequency:250Hz
Maximum frequency:400Hz
Electric current:7.6A
Motor pole:2P
Rated power:3.0KW (S1)
Peak power:4.2KW (S6)
Rated torque:1.9Nm
Peak torque:2.6Nm

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BT30(165) Power Head

This is an ATC spindle motor mainly suitable for drilling, boring and other workplaces. It adopts Japanese technology and better manufacturing process, which makes it more accurate, more stable and more stable. The double waterproof design structure isolates cutting fluid and dust during production and processing, which can ensure the good state of the spindle head in actual work.
The headstock made of high-toughness cast iron has undergone double aging treatment by hand and natural, which makes it wear-resistant and not easy to deform.
It is worth noting that the manufacturer provides a one-year after-sales warranty and lifetime technical support.

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BT30 CNC Lathe ATC Spindle Kit

The BT30 ATC Spindle kit include 1 x BT30 Spindle motor no power,1 x Cylinder
1 x Spindle seat1 x bracket

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This CNC Router Kit ATC spindle motor BT30 includes 1 x 7.5KW Square ATC Air spindle motor 220V / 380V (4 bearing BT30 24000rpm),1 x 7.5KW Fuling brand inverter 220V /380V,1 x BT30-ER25 Tool Holder with Pull stud,2 x Air plug,

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The ATC spindle is a built-in spindle motor, and the spindle bearing adopts grease-lubricated angular contact bearings, which can achieve lifetime lubrication during the life cycle. There are also three built-in asynchronous motors controlled by frequency converters. Because the spindle has the characteristics of compact structure, high power, high torque, low vibration and low noise, it can realize high-speed, high-power cutting, high-precision and high-stability operation.

ATC spindle has built-in PTC 140 temperature sensor and BT30 automatic tool changer. The motor and front and rear bearings are cooled by air cooling. The air is provided by the fan at the rear end. It directly reaches the front of the main shaft from the rear of the main shaft through the inner and outer air grooves, and takes away the heat generated by the high-speed rotation of the main shaft to achieve thermal balance and keep the temperature of the electric main shaft within a certain value. .

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