DM800 Ethernet CNC Control System Offline Controller

DM800 CNC Control System is our latest product. It is more advanced than the DM500 and is more powerful. You don’t need to use computer, DM800 could work offline.The DM800 is a motion controller without a computer.Ethernet communication from the handle to the motherboard, without the need of computer operation. Read G from -DISK; ARM motion … Read more

MACH3 USB port 4 axis usb Card SUMACH

Applications Support USB; 7 ports photoelectric isolated input interface ; 1 ports photoelectric isolated output interface ; 1 port 0-10V spindle speed analog output interface(can change to PWM output) ; can support 4 axis stepper systems,150KHz pulse output for every axis ; ARM motion control chip ; main device is5VDC power supply input ; supply input,current should higher than 10A Package List … Read more

DM500 Handheld CNC Motion System

2-4 Axis linear interpolation, any 2 axis circular interpolation;7 opto isolated digital outputs, 8 opto isolated digital inputs;Support every Input and output port definition by users;The controller need 2 power supply, one power supply is for system power; one is for input and output ports power. Both input power is 24V, 2A;<Open-collector output, Max. Output … Read more

EC300 Motion Controller

Motion control 3-6 Axis(X, Y, Z, A, B, C) for option, Max frequency output 300 KHz/Axis;Ethernet Connection with Mach 3 Software;Main power supply 24VDC, Current should higher than 1A;IO Power is 24VDC power supply input, current should higher than 1A(The controller already supply the power for IO port, no need the external power supply for … Read more

NCH02 Offline Montion Controller System

Independent Controller Advantages The U disk reads the G code file and runs independently without computer operation.   8-channel optocoupler isolation common digital input interface.   5-channel optocoupler isolation common digital output interface   1 way 0-10V spindle speed analog output interface (can be modified to PWM output)   Supports up to 5 channels of stepper motor control, single axis control … Read more

EC500 MACH3 Ethernet port 6 axis Montion Controller

Motion control 3-6 Axis(X, Y, Z, A, B, C) for option, max frequency output 460 KHz/Axis;Ethernet Communication with Mach3 software;Main power supply 24VDC, Current should higher than 1A;IO Power is 24VDC power supply Voltage input, current should higher than 1A (By the IO power supply, system already supply the power for IO ports. So no … Read more

MACH3 USB Card for Beginner NVUM_SK

NVUM_SKv1.1 is the 4axis motion controller we spend 4 years to design. NVUM_SKv1.1 support Mach3 software . through USB to communicate with computer.  NVUM_SKv1.1 motion controller adopts the ARM design framework. The ARM design includes communication,codeanalytic,underlying algorithm and pulse gerneration. Rational design, reliablecontrol, convenient operation. BUY AT ALiExpress Applications Support USB8 ports photoelectric isolated input … Read more

MACH3 LPT port 4 axis Stepper motor Driver Card NV8727T4V4

Novusun CNC has engaged in the Numerical control industry for 7 years,specialized inthe research,development and production of various CNC controller systems with high qualityand high reliability.We produce the Brushless DC motor,Stepper motor driver,and also 1 to 6 aixsCNC motion controllers.NV8727T4V4 is the 4 axis motion controller we spend 1 years to design.NV8727T4V4 support Mach3 software, … Read more