1, 3 channel limit signal / origin signal multiplexed optocoupler isolated common digital input interface;2, the original road signal optocoupler isolated ordinary digital input interface;3, 400W DC brushless drive, can be accessed by 400W DC brushless spindle motor, spindle start and stop and speed can be controlled by the spindle panel or controller;4, 4-channel stepper … Read more

USBMACH3 4Axis CNC controller with drive all in one 200K

1,4-axis stepper motor drive output2, with 5th axis control signal output.3, with 6 programmable input interface, can be configured to limit emergency stop and other functions.4, with a spindle start and stop IO output.5, with a spindle 0-10V speed output.6, with 2 programmable relay outputs.7, support the standard hand pulse, serial digital hand pulse, digital … Read more

NVUM-SP USB MACH3 Interface Board Card 100KHz

Applications For mould that processing a variety of patternssuch like embossing plate, sole mould, button mould, the zipper die, patterns and characters of impression and gold stamping mould, mold equipment, mold, and other glass. Advertising , such as our cards, signs, architectural models, badges, badge, nameplate, panels, logo, numbers, signs, craft decoration, furniture decoration. For … Read more

NVEM CNC Controller Ethernet

Applications 12 ports photoelectric isolated input interface for ordinary digital data;10 ports photoelectric isolated output interface for ordinary digital data;1 port 0-10V spindle speed analog output interface (can change to PWM output); Support 3-6 axis stepper systems, 200 KHz pulse output for every axis; ARM motion control chip; Related Novusun NVEM control card network cable connect setting … Read more

NVUM CNC Controller

Applications – For processing various patterns such as embossing plate, sole mould, zipper mould, pattern die and stamping die, instrument mold, glass mold etc..– For the advertising industry such as: our brand, signs, architectural models, badges, nameplate, panels, logo, numbers, signs, craft decoration, furniture decoration etc.– For the portrait, landscape, calligraphy lettering, seals and other … Read more

DDCSV2.1 Offline CNC Controller

The DigitalDream CNC has engaged in the numerical control industry for 7 years, specializing in the research, development and production work of various CNC(Computer Numerical Control)systems with high quality, high reliability. It can produce the common Brushless DC motor, Stepper motor driver as well as the 1 axisCNC system to 6 axesCNC system. The DDCSV2.1 … Read more

DDCSV1.1 Offline CNC Controller

DDCSV1 is the 4 axis linkage motion controller which is developed through 4 years of research and development; each position control cycle 4 ms, high control precision. The highest single output pulse is 500KHz, and the pulse width is adjustable. Support common stepper motor and servo motor.DDCSV1 CNC system uses ARM+FPGA design framework, ARM to … Read more