AMSAMOTION Plc Cable Driver

①经济型PLC电缆驱动 & Economical PLC cable drivers

②高性能型PLC电缆驱动 & High performance PLC cable drivers

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1747-UIC & USB-1747-PIC

①MicroLongix RS232 communication method

Ready to work:
a computer with AB software installed,
One AB PLC MicroLongix 1000,
One cable is 1747-UIC
One cable is 1761-CBL-PM021. Please pull the DIP switch on the 1747-UIC cable to the RS232 (DH485) position (as shown).

2. Connect the 9-pin female connector of the 1746-CBL-PM02 cable to the 9-pin male connector of the 1747-UIC cable, and connect the round head of the 1747-CBL-PM02 to the AB PLC. (as shown in the picture)

  1. Install the 1747-UIC cable driver. The cable will generate the port in the device manager. The driver installation instructions are not described here. (here is COM4 as an example)
  2. Open the AB communication software and set up the port and communication protocol to communicate.
  3. Upload the PLC program to your computer.

②SLC RS485 communication method

  1. Connect the cable to the PLC and power on the PLC.
  2. install the driver. Generate a serial port.
  3. Open the AB programming software and remove the Always Run As Service.
  4. Add a communication protocol, set the communication port, and change Error Checking to CRC.
  5. If the communication is successful, the corresponding PLC model will be displayed. (such as mouse operation)
  6. download the program.
  7. the program upload is completed, and the operation is completed.



1, TSXPCX3030-C is the TSXPCX3030-C cable driver, please install it first.
2. When programming the Twido series PLC with the TSXPCX3030-C cable, in addition to installing the programming software, you need to install the Modbus driver. The Modbus driver version cannot be lower than 1.1.
3. When the user uses the PL7 software to program the Micro or Premium series PLC, the Uni-telway driver needs to be installed. The Uni-telway driver cannot be lower than 1.6.

Driver for MODBUS V1.1 Driver for UNI-TELWAY V1.6AMSAMOTIOM TSXPCX3030-C Driver


黄色电缆驱动 Yellow cable drivers

④PLC通信视屏教程 & PLC communication video

Note:if your system version is in english, please name the driver file's name as english or number, then start to install