How To Drill Through Tile

Tile punching in the home will often need things such as the installation of a towel hook, soap rack, coat rack and so on. But this thing looks easy to do is difficult, if you do not know common sense is easy to crack the tiles, once the tiles cracked, the tiles are equivalent to … Read more

Advantages of titanium plating on drill bits

What are the advantages of titanium plating on drill bits? Titanium-plated drill bits are more wear-resistant, have good processing effects, and have a long service life. In general, the life of titanium-plated drill bits is about 2 to 3 times that of ordinary drill bits. It is more suitable for medium carbon steel, stainless steel, … Read more

High-Speed Steel Drill Bits

what are hss drill bits used for High-speed steel drill grade (HSS) is a tool steel with high hardness, high wear resistance and high heat resistance.High-speed steel drill bits are suitable for non-ferrous metals, cast iron, cast steel, unquenched carbon structural steel, wood, etc.

DDCSV4.1 CNC Independent Controller

The DDCS V4.1 3~4 axes motion controller for stepper and servo system, is updated from DDCS V3.1 on software and hardware. It combines great advancement with tiny footprint of each days from past 8 years, when we released the first DDCS products DDCS V1.1 Current Price DDCS V4.1 Comparing With DDCS V3.1 Can transfer the … Read more


Support for 3-axis linkage, you can connect three stepper motor drives or servo drives Maximum step-pulse frequency is 100KHz,which is suitable for the servo or stepping motor 3 general-purpose opto-couplers isolation input : can connect the limit switch, emergency stop switch, auto tool zero, home switch etc Support for connecting electronic handwheel Have 0-10V signal … Read more

CNC USB MACH3 100Khz Breakout Board 5 Axis

Comaptible with MACH3 software. Support windows XP, WIN7, WIN8, WIN10, support tablet computers, as well as 64-bit systems. External wide voltage input, 12-24V, and anti-reverse connection function. All input signals are isolated by optical coupling, which can be connected to emergency stop, tool setting, limit, return to zero, etc., to ensure computer safety. It provides … Read more

USB MACH3 100Khz 4 Axis Breakout Board

Support for 4-axis linkage, you can connect four stepper motor drives or servo drives; Maximum step-pulse frequency is 100KHz,which is suitable for the servo or stepping motor; Support automatic probe tool Support Emergency input Support for limit switch Support for connecting electronic handwheel Need use external 24V DC power supply to isolate USB and external … Read more

How to Connect to Siemens PLC via Ethernet

Siemens S7-300/400 Ethernet Connect need CP343-1 module If this is the first time, the PG interface must select ISO plus the access method of the network card name. select PLC->Edit ethernet node Browse to the MAC of your 343-13, manually enter the address configuration4, assign IP configuration5, PG interface is changed to TCP/IP Downloader and … Read more

How To Control 3 Phase Motor Speed?

From the point of view of energy consumption in the speed control process, there are two types of efficient speed control methods and inefficient speed control methods. Efficient speed control implies that the slip rate is constant and therefore there is no slip loss, e.g. multi-speed motors, variable speed regulation and speed control methods that … Read more